A Few Sources of Helpful Advice

Thank goodness I’ve gotten some good advice through the years. Examples —

Best Advice to the Lovelorn (from my Dad): You shouldn’t get married, because you’re too much of a loner. Yes, I followed this advice, and am so glad!


Best Career Advice (from my Dad): You should become a CPA. Yes, I followed this advice, and was always happy with the jobs I had, and made lots more money than if I had followed my own inclination to become a teacher.

Best Weight-Loss Advice (from an aerobics instructor): It’s not just a matter of exercise, IT’S DIETARY. This was in the early-1980’s when I was constantly taking hard-core classes, sometimes twice a day, but the pounds were not melting away. I cornered one of the instructors and asked what more I should be doing to lose weight. She gave me a wry smile, and said ‘IT’S DIETARY.’

It took awhile for ‘IT’S DIETARY’ to permanently take hold and govern my behavior. Over a period of some years, I periodically experienced relapses, forgetting the mantra, which resulted in yo-yo dieting. My dedication to exercising and fitness was unable to overcome my over-eating.

Then, I found a diet that worked for me (thanks to Karen Kelley) and I finally got to my perfect weight, and have stayed there for years via a combination of calorie deprivation (brutal but accurate terminology for eating less than we really want) plus almost-daily exercise. That’s what ‘IT’S DIETARY’ is all about.

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