Numero Uno Gadget Love

It’s safe to say the modern world is run by technology, and there aren’t many people whose lives aren’t influenced / managed by some electronic gadget. If you had to count up the objects in your immediate environment needing power from an outlet would they outnumber the people? Could you live without your favourite gadget for say, a day? And without said gadget would you be plunged back into the 90s or thereabouts? This week we’re all about electronic love and where we’d be without it.


My favorite gizmo’s been helping/managing me since 2011 and as luck would have it my fingers are tapping on it right now, tap t.a.p. It came into my life as a surprise gift, a most unexpected but very cool gift, yes? Since landing in my grasp we’ve hardly spent a day apart – it’s my longest running electronic-based relationship. It’s the tomato to my cheese sandwich, the honey to my granola well, ok, let’s not get too carried away now.

It’s easy to spend the better part of my day looking at its screen – working, researching, and of course, having fun. Without it I’d be sitting twiddling my thumbs sending up smoke signals. I definitely need it more than it needs me, but, I’m okay with that.

[Img.Src: Victorian girl, laptop, retired CPUs]

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