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How Bout a Little Chi Renewal?

buddhist_retreat3LaFitterina: Who’s up for making this an extended weekend and spending it at a 5-day intensive meditation retreat focusing on Buddhism and Chi Kung? I am! As soon as I’ve finished writing this, I’ll be heading to Vajrapani Retreat Center in the Santa Cruz mountains. The next time you hear from me, I should be a completely changed (or at least, renewed) person . . .

buddhist_retreat2I’ve never before been exposed to Chi Kung (techincally: Qigong) — it’s gentle exercise, as opposed to my normal routine. Chi Kung has lots of challenging elements: Careful, flowing movements; Solid stance/firm footing/erect spine; Relaxed muscles, slightly bent joints; Soft, expressionless face; Rhythmic breathing; Balance and counterbalance; Visualization; Awareness – calm, focused, meditative.

Ultimate goals are not cardio fitness, muscle building, strength, endurance, and weight-loss, but rather the more elusive Equanimity and Tranquility.


Let’s Start with a Walk Around the Block

Ms. Bockle: One of my favorite people back in Zimbabwe had some rather wretched news from the doctor. He told my 70ish year old sister-in-law that she’d better get moving or she’s going to get the dreaded diabetes. So, how ’bout it folks, let’s share some get movin’ and groovin’ motivation geared for a lady who’s been a wee bit too sedentary.


Do You or Don’t You, Smile or Wave?

Mizzfit: These early morning runs have lead to me getting to know other early bird runners. On the hill a tall fellow wearing the same tracksuit everyday smiles and nods, then there’s the fast dude on the straightaway with bouncing brown hair who never smiles or waves, he just gives that, ‘Serious Running going on here’ look – the one I never have… I think a run goes better when you acknowledge your fellow joggers, even a slight head bob is bonafide. It doesn’t take much effort, and you’ll get to know the familiar faces, so please recognize the other humans on the path, and enjoy yourself out on the road.


Carlton doing the Carlton

St. Swartz: I don’t watch DWTS, but caught this on the YOUTUBE.  Anyone with a working television 20 years ago must have caught a few episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and knows all about The Carlton.  Catching this reprisal was funny.  Hope this brings back fun t.v. memories for someone else too!


[Img.Src: Victorian Dancers, Egg Race]

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