Smart Solutions to Vexing Modern Problems

In my quest to smooth out the wrinkles in my existence, I came up with 5 examples of problems that tend to vex me, and my ideas for fixing them.

Problem #1: For post-dinner snacking, the food I go for is no good for me, whereas food that’s good for me doesn’t have much appeal.
Fix: Stick to yummy fruit (currently on hand: ripe pineapple & cantaloupe), some nuts (walnuts & dry-roasted almonds), cheese (pepper jack cheese sticks), followed by cups of herbal tea (mint, chamomile, herbal chai), then floss & brush.


Problem #2: Rather than people carrying around their own reusable cups or mugs, it seems that one-use cups are the norm, based on my observations at Starbucks, the Gym, etc.
Fix: Impose a charge for disposable cups, just like the 10-cent charge for shopping bags around where I live, which magically gets most folks to provide their own! Of course, foam cups (as well as plastic bags) should be banned altogether, like they are around here.


Problem #3: There’s too much worthless, inappropriate ‘programming’ on TV, and people (especially kids) are watching too much TV and letting it influence their behavior.
Fix: TV Service-Providers like Dish, AT&T, Comcast, etc. should start charging by the minute. This could also ease our problem with TV Service-Providers charging what we think are exorbitant fees — we would have more control over what we’re charged.


Problem #4: We buy too much junk that’s made overseas. This is at least a four-fold problem: Our needless consumerism causes us to over-spend; our homes become uncomfortably crowded with ‘stuff’; Mother Earth can’t cope with the onslaught of resulting garbage; pollution created by the manufacturers infects our atmosphere and contributes to global warming (simply looking at images of Shanghai can make you cough and your eyes tear-up).
Fix: Instead of over-consumption being held in high esteem, we need to attach a stigma to over-consumption. We should revile those who continue to buy-buy-buy in the face of the problems they are exacerbating. Stop admiring and/or envying those new gadgets, or collections of shoes/handbags, or rooms crammed with toys, etc. In the foreseeable future, our reaction to such consumerism will be to start an intervention, gently counseling the poor soul on the evils of their addiction, mentioning the benefits of rehab/12-step programs (actually, let’s lure these shopaholics with a discount, and offer special ‘10-step’ programs).


Problem#5: The looming prospect of inevitable Death. Why haven’t we take the dread out of something that we all get to experience? With our collective intelligence over thousands of years, why haven’t we come up with the best ways to embrace the prospect?
Fix (?): Please join me in studying this problem and coming up with a solution that will take the sting out of death. Then, let’s share that solution on MoveGirlGO, making it the most popular website ever. Hooray for that!


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