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What is the one thing we say defines us more than our choice in clothes, car, house, or finery? It charges us, relaxes us, puts us in a fighting mood, and inspires us to new creative heights — It can only be music. It’s how we express a little bit of our unknowable selves: from heavy metal bands to whirling dervishes to that kid next door practicing on the recorder — we seem to know more about them from what they choose to play. This week we share our top hits.

To come up with my top 3 songs I mentally scrolled through my music library and thought about which ones had staying power – you know, the ones that remain favorites, outlasting those feverish impulse downloads. And immediately: Elvis, with those waggling & scandalous hips making the crowd go wild with Polk Salad Annie. I cannot get enough of that song. Ask me if I’m an Elvis or a Beatles girl, and I think you’ll know the answer. Elvis until the end.

Speaking of ends, when I left the military in my rearview mirror I set off on an epic adventure visiting family I hadn’t seen in donkey’s ages. And while in Zimbabwe with my brother, who loves to turn on the tunes first thing in the morning, I kept hearing a line from a song, “I got soul, but I’m not a soldier” — oh how that resonated. I tracked down who sang it, and immediately bought a cd of The Killers’ Hot Fuss album with: All These Things That I’ve Done. Such a huge amount of love for that song. Sheesh.

And because I love music featuring a heavy guitar influence: there’s no-one else for me but Jimi Hendrix. Such crazy badass talent; it grabs a part of me and squeezes out wild dance moves. I wish I could’ve seen him perform live, man, that must’ve been amazing. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite song, so so hard, I love them all. Is it possible to miss someone you never knew? I miss you, Jimi. And so today I choose Little Wing.

I’m so grateful to have music in my life, grateful to these artists for expressing their talents and enriching the world, making it a better place. I encourage you to choose your top 3 songs, it’s an enlivening experience.

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