Welcome Fall – With Bells On

I always look forward to Fall – especially the prospect of the weather cooling down and revisiting my wintry clothes. October is my Birthday month, which ushers in the flurry of festive holidays, causing the rest of the year to fly by in a hectic blur of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s.

holiday_starsIt would be really terrific if Fall 2014 ends up being a favorite recollection in my memory bank. I’m thinking it might be fun to remember this as the year when I really focused on Holiday Decor. Here’s how it would go down:
My Birthday – Deck the house and yard with lots of Halloween decorations.
Halloween – The awesome decorations end up attracting way more than the usual handful of Trick-or-Treaters. (It so happens that today I bought 3 bags of M&M’s Fun Size in preparation for the onslaught, and am hopeful that I’ll have the willpower not to break into the stash beforehand).
Thanksgiving – Those Halloween decorations are segued into a Thanksgiving motif. Also, this could mark the start of a project I’ve been intending to pursue: making an artificial Xmas tree out of recycled/repurposed stuff.
Christmas – My decorations morph into an eye-catching Xmas display, with the recycled tree as the centerpiece (I’m envisioning that maybe it ends up spotlighted in the front yard).
New Year’s – Pack away all decorations and, as always, spend time reviewing the year’s accomplishments and making a new list of ambitious New Year’s Resolutions.

Realistically this won’t happen — I’ve not even had a Christmas Tree for years — but this is a particularly good time of the year to be dreaming.


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