Let’s Make a Few Changes

Evolve or die. Change or stagnate. Another one? Okay. Learn or lose out. This week we’ll be sharing what we’ve discovered about ourselves so far this year. In the pressure cooker of life, sometimes we come out a soufflé, other times a bonafide mess. And in order to quit making messes, we learn from our mistakes, or do we?


While in an asian grocery store earlier this year I made the mistake of reading about the Year of the Monkey, and what it means when your birth year animal comes around again in the Chinese Zodiac. Why a mistake? ‘Cause evidently there’s nothing good about that happenstance. Instead one has to be on the lookout for the opposite of luck, and folks taking advantage. Sheesh. Since then, at odd moments, I wonder about what we label misfortunes.

Let’s get the negative over with first shall we. What changes have I not dug about myself this year? I let my running mojo just slip away, not even trying to catch the vapor trail. I don’t try hard enough to break bad habits. I am too easily discouraged by the tribulations of my Monkey year, both minor and major. I give in to the blues, not even searching for silver linings. Now, you ask, surely I knew all these things about myself before this year began? Never so concretely as I do at this moment, my peeps.


Onwards and upwards to the positives. I learned how to smile at strangers. Big news. What an eye-opening experience; I’ll be happy if that’s the only thing I learn this year. But, I have one more. Helping my fellow veterans through volunteering has taught me a lesson in human strength of character and resilience, as these peeps have BIG issues to deal with, no monkeying around.

I don’t know what else I’ll learn from this banana-throwing monkey year, but I hope to emerge from my chrysalis of trials and errors to be a more evolved good human. We’ll see, yes?

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