The Grays Are Temporary—Phew

In drought-fraught California, people take a perverse attitude towards winter-time cloudless skies and warm temps — we stop ourselves from exclaiming ‘what a beautiful Day’, and instead moan ‘oh no, we really need rain’. In the back of our minds is the price we’ll be paying for a record-setting seven (7) weeks with nary a drop of rain.


But the recent spate of rainstorms – inches and inches of rain over days and days — allowed us to get back our normal weather-related behavior. We resumed our aversion to getting wet (sorta funny, since God made us all completely water-proof). And we hated being buffeted by the intense winds — is there anyone who enjoys windy weather?

So, what to do to get through dreary weather without developing a dreary attitude?

Get thee to a Gym — Generate your own warmth!

Get thee to a Starbucks — Sunshine in a cup!

Get thee to a Movie — Prepare for the Oscars on February 22!

Get thee to a Nordstroms — Check out Spring fashions!

Weather is consistently temporary. One rainstorm does not a Winter make / one swallow does not a Summer make. The weather here has again perked up — headed for the 70‘s and sunny — which goes the same for our spirits.

[Img.Src: The Weather, 1874]

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