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3 Cheers for Smart Texans

Ms. Bockle: What do you get when you cross a closed down Walmart store and a town in Texas?

My first thought was an indoor bowling alley or ice skating rink. Wrong.

A library!

I just read the great news in an article, and I never expected to smile over anything related at all to Walmart. The space is huge (as big as a football field) and has been well-used for all sorts of sections, hands-on activities for children and art displays, just for starters. Since opening, subscribers to the library have increased 23%–with outreach for the community being a major factor.

My personal opinion? Walmarts should close down more often, if the results are so positive–and beneficial for such a wide range of the population.

January Goals: Hit or Miss?

LaFitterina: The arrival of February means it’s time to assess January’s accomplishments versus the goals we set with our New Year’s Resolutions. While you’re mulling that over, allow me to review my 3 main short-term goals for January . . .


1st January Goal: Add 10 minutes to workouts to focus on abs.
I did manage to make myself do this all month. My 10 minute routine included medicine ball exchange, Russian twists, oblique crunches, planking — I kept adding as the month progressed. Yes, my abs ended up being flatter but there’s still work to be done before that 6-pack (or even 2-pack) musculature starts to surface. Now that I’ve managed to develop this good habit, I should increase the intensity and keep it up for the rest of 2015!

2nd January Goal: Conduct a thorough winter clean-up of my house.
I’m relieved that my clean-up project got done and the weight of so many excess belongings is lifted off me. I also notice that I haven’t got the urge to go shopping for more crap now that I’ve purged. But, there’s still a ways to go — I’ll have another opportunity to cull out more un-necessities this Spring when I move back into my remodeled house. Then, the garage will need to be tackled.

3rd January goal: Eat plant-based meals.
In January, with my kitchen being torn up, my means of cooking became: Microwave, Crockpot, and Toaster. This made it easier to go plant-based, with meat being used sparingly. I’ve mastered Crockpot soup, throwing in a multitude of healthy ingredients with a different outcome each time, always delicious. But, my diet is a long way from being altogether healthy. I’m still loving anything dairy and/or sweet, and have become addicted to lo-carb vanilla ice cream. Maybe it’s time for more short-term goal-setting . .

For now, here’s hoping that February brings us all good things — Cupid, Love, Hearts, Candy Kisses, Tulips, along with Drought-Busting Rains and Famous Presidents. The prospect of Spring is right around the corner!

Who Let The Dogs Out??

Mizzfit: The last mile of my Thursday run was spoilt by 2 horrible ankle biter dogs who rushed out of their yard with serious intent to do damage: furious barking with bared teeth, circling and lunging. I had to stop to fend them off because they looked like the sort who if I kept running would bite from behind. Later, I was more angry with the stupid owners than the dogs – what if a kid walked by? So, for your enjoyment a video from Greece of sheep dogs giving a cyclist a big fright:


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