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Thanks for the Color Match, Pantone

LaFitterina: I love it when I find something that I didn’t know I needed/wanted, that turns out to be something I can’t wait to try and certainly one of the most important innovations in the history of everything. To wit . . .

Recently, I was intrigued by a 2-star review of some white workout tights — this sentence, in particular: “I am NC 40, and my skin color shows through all the mesh panel areas.” I was puzzled by “NC 40” (is it like NC-17, but for adults?), so I Googled and struck gold.

Apparently, someone has devised a skin-tone color chart, using Pantone’s seemingly infinite color palette, and a gizmo to scan your skin and assign a code number to your shade, and furthermore, tell you what makeup (foundation) will be a precise match for you. So, NC 40 means:


I knew you’d be as giddy as I am about this breakthrough! And I know you’ll be doing just like me and heading to Sephora this weekend — they have the machine and the cross-reference database to their gazillion brands and formulas.

The bad news is that it’s been around since 2012 — I can’t believe I wasn’t notified 🙁

How mortifying that I have gone out in public for years with mismatched makeup, and not one soul has done me the courtesy of pointing out my faux pas. It’s barbaric. So embarrassing.

For more, click on this informative posting about the Sephora + Pantone Color IQ system.

Keep That Spine Lengthened

Mizzfit: On the 28th of March I started a 30-day Yoga Challenge, just for the heck of it – plus, I’m having knee issues which keep me from running. First thing I noticed was how stiff I was, eeesh, felt like stretching blocks of wood, not muscles, bones and ligaments. So far my favorite pose is the supine spinal twist, the Supta Matsyendrasana, which my yoga DVD calls the Morning Star Twist, and they add on some moves of straightening the bent leg, one at South the other at East and putting one arm at North, and the other at West – I quite dig on that pose. Cheers to a twisty weekend.


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