Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

funis_boisterousAfter hearing what this week’s assignment was, I started mentally listing all the fun possibilities in my life. Starting off, I got to thinking that anything that caused boisterous, belly-shaking laughter would be classified as fun: joking, gossiping, watching comedies, reading FB notices or Tom Sharpe novels, watching cats playing, dogs scratching or people tripping. (my bad)…

****I N T E R V A L *****
(had to get up and dance to a song while checking on the dinner)

funbrings_pleasureWhen speaking with my daughter, she got me out of the confines about laughter being a necessary ingredient to fun. For instance, don’t I have fun while swimming? If so, having a jolly chuckle would have dire consequences, and not much fun. So that started me thinking of pursuits that gave me pleasure, a renewed spirit, exuberance, a joy of being alive. Here’s a list of some fun activities that don’t necessarily lead to laughter, but they surely provide mirth: swimming, dancing, gardening, painting, reading, walking, dreaming, planning, writing, talking, listening to music. Feel free to expand the list.

While a balance of play and work is necessary, I’ll drive myself nuts if I keep asking: “Am I having fun yet?” Speaking of work and play—when I was teaching, I had fun most of the time—even while teaching maths and creative writing. Laughing with children is some of the best fun ever. Just saying: a career can be fun.

We’re not going to just rely on spontaneous fun, though. Play and fun can be scheduled: road trips, dinner parties, shopping with a friend, going to movies, getting a pedicure—just for starters. If fun isn’t naturally occurring, then we gotta make some time for it.

funi_breakingtherulesI was concerned, momentarily, that I might be stretching the definition of fun, but hey, a good part of having fun is breaking some rules, bursting the parameters of what’s expected and no longer being concerned about what the neighbours might think. Let all those judgmental, frowny neighbours and passersby worry about rules, labels, etiquette, proper behaviour and correctness; don’t let them rain on my parade.

funis_fornowToday I multitasked: While painting I listened to music and danced. The painting is taking on abstract qualities and may never hang on a wall, but in the middle of working and creating, I had fun. And tomorrow? Well, it would defeat the whole purpose of fun if I’m going to start stressing about it. Fun and playfulness are out there happening all round; may it rain down on you and me in abundance, and lift us out of any ruts or routines.


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