5 Things Very Beautiful Indeed

Along with creating beautiful furniture and textiles, William Morris is known for believing that one must, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” I don’t know about you but quite a few things in my space are teetering on the edge of uselessness, and have a dose of the ugly about them. But, lest we despair, beauty and usefulness can be brought into our lives, we just have to keep an eye out for the unique and well-made.

I’ve gathered together 5 of my favourite things that make life more interesting, colourful, fun, quizzical and alive. I won’t write an ode to each object but maybe just an haiku.

First, 2 drinking glasses I found at the thrift store whose colour and shape grabbed my attention and then whose heft kept my interest. For to pick up these glasses is to be surprised by their weighty feel, nothing flighty about these goblets.  Second up are my Brooks running shoes – I love ’em, they don’t hurt my feet, they take a beating and keep on ticking and the only thing that wears away are the soles, alas. Number 3 is my mala necklace made especially for me and worn with practically everything – it’s constructed beautifully, with careful thought into choice of stones and placement. Taking the number 4 position is my 5-year journal with a unique question for every day, to be answered every year, 5 times over. The questions change my day just a smidge, and often make me smile. Last but not least is my geranium taking root in water. I have 8 of these babies on my window, all from different plants on my running route – and to see the first root emerge is such a treat.






What are some things that you find beautiful?

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