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It’s Veterans Day

Mizzfit: Big props to you if you know a veteran, and even bigger props if instead of the usual “thank-you for your service”, you sat down with them and had a good chat about their military experience — as much as they were able or willing to talk about it — as well as their reintroduction to civilian life. Thank-you for showing you care.

If you don’t know a veteran and are a touch unaware of what they’ve had to face during their service, I know a good Pinterest board you can visit to educate yourself. Thank-you for taking the time to learn about what it means to serve your country.


And if you are a veteran, I hope on this day you have a group of buds to talk smack with, a place to go where you feel like you fit in, a job that uses all your good skills, and a community that has welcomed you home. Happy Veterans Day, my peeps. Oh, if you need a snack, these businesses are offering veterans a few meals – the Chipotle one might be hard to resist…

[Img.Src: A U.S. Navy veteran]

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