Protect all Your Working Parts

walking_slingI broke my collar bone in our first year here in Hawaii. Most painful, grinding injury. About 3 days into my healing and after the haze and nausea of pain meds wore off, I strapped on my sling and set off walking. No ways was this silly injury going to keep me immobile. Beach walks and hiking were out of the question. I stuck to the road and sidewalks. Those months of taking time off running I rambled all over the base and got to know it’s every nook and cranny. Once cleared for all exercise I took up running with more glee than ever before. I even hit the gym for some strength training for my sissy arm and shoulder.

yoga_ribcartilage_owieYoga being my passion and obsession, I am fortunate to have a flexible body. Poses that some bodies are denied I can manage. Being flexible can, however, lead to injury if you don’t move into a deeper pose from a place of strength and integrity. A year and a half ago I tore some rib cartilage trying out a hand stand, scorpion combo. The discomfort while subtle was gnarly. And the doc said I would be out any exercise for 6 to 8 weeks. Bladie hell. I tried pushing it in the first week of recovery. Went walking on the beach, bad idea. My body needed rest to heal and being head strong was hindering my healing.

I took it easy. I would test the edges of my healing by taking deep lengthy breaths, and the countdown began. When I could move without pain and breath deep without feeling that deep inside pull of something being totally wrong I went back to yoga. Gentle yoga.

I got back on my mat with a new body awareness. Now when I go into a deep back bend I go from strength first then flexibility. Protect that spine and all it’s working parts.

My injury became a learning tool and a positive as I worked my way back into my beloved vinyasa classes and back into form and strength.


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