A Few Creative Projects

In order to feel fully at home in the universe one must create a niche using the brain and hands to form experiences unique to oneself. Wait, what? Create your life, or maybe it’s curate your life. However you approach it, it’s important to have creative adventures we can call our own. Art in all its faces, cooking, traveling, workouts – make them your own. This week as part of our annual Project Brain + Hands page creation, we’re sharing our creative fun.

Unlike previous years I don’t have any large collages but I do have many small pages of happiness. My 100 Days Endeavour art-pages are a daily experiment I am happy to make. Along the way, I’m at day #83 now, I’ve discovered china markers, Caran D’Ache aquarelles, stamping and a mild obsession with circular patterns and birds. At the end of the endeavour I’ll have 100 art-pages to flip through, and the brain and hands are very pleased to flip away.







Cheers to showing a bit of my art. If you have a creative project to share please let us know in the comments below!

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