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So Much for Gratitude & Mindfulness

Ms. Bockle: I didn’t know there was such a day as Black Friday until about 12 years ago. On my arrival to the states, after an absence of a couple decades, I was surprised by this day after Thanksgiving that was devoted to fighting crowds for the best bargain.

As traditions go, this one leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Right after the celebrations of gratitude for our blessings, and the mindfulness of family ties and togetherness, alarm clocks are set for the stroke of dawn in order to beat the crowds to save a buck/acquire more stuff.


In fact, Black Friday doesn’t just start on Friday anymore. Because of the race to be first in line, some people have sacrificed Thanksgiving, and decided to camp out at Best Buy, etc. There have been films made of campsites occurring in parking lots, with dedicated family members bringing foods from the Thanksgiving table to those who have given up the essence of gratitude in order to get a bargain.

The day after Thanksgiving? It doesn’t have to be about acquiring more shit. For me, it’s going to be the keeping on of gratitude. Hey now, don’t I just sound so righteous and judgmental? My bad.

The Perversity & Wickedness Continues

LaFitterina: On the subject of Black Friday: I’ve always hated everything about it, including the name — every year, I anticipate that a better moniker will become popular. I know, I know, people think Black Friday means the retailers will be in the black (financially speaking)*, but more obviously it conveys something sinister, ominous, dark and evil. And lo and behold, that’s what Black Friday has become. People have been trampled, shot, pepper-sprayed, etc. — every year the perversity and wickedness seems worse. I can’t think of anything remotely good to say about Black Friday.


*Actually, I found out that the earliest known use of Black Friday as a descriptor for the day after Thanksgiving was in 1951, referring to the practice of workers calling in sick on the day after Thanksgiving.
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What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

Mizzfit: All right, when all the oil, gas & coal reserves have been burnt up like the oil companies want, and Earth has been turned into Venus II, the only thing humans will be remembered for will be the images we sent out into the ether, and this video compilation will show aliens exactly why the planet was destroyed. Enjoy.


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