Inhale…Exhale – Good-bye Stress

The best remedy for me when I am bogged down with stress is to get outside and soak up some sunshine, some greenery and check out the sky. Inhale, exhale. Living in a high rise in a bustling metropolis, where everybody is going, going…stopped in snarly traffic…going, I get caught up in the anger and frustration that comes with fighting against any situation. Going for a walk and taking in the trees and maybe catch a portion of the sunrise and my shoulders let go of their hunch. Better yet, we get out of the city altogether and go for a hike, where nature is a balm for those ragged nerves.


I also remember to be full of gratitude that I have everything I need and my life is wonderful. I try to remember that any stressful situation is passing, and is puny and so very human, which probably makes it (the stressor) most likely a manufactured situation and possibly not a little absurd. I don’t live in a war torn country, I have running water and electricity, I can put food on my table. Inhale, exhale. It’s all good.

[Img.Src: Woods, 1910]

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