A Few Simple Things to Love

We’re always reminded to ‘take pleasure in the simple things’, and yet, it’s quite easy to forget that household maxim. This week’s topic took on a whole new light after the tragic events in Paris – how to write about enjoying the simple things in life when a whole city lost one of the best simple facets of life – the facade of safety? But, as I’ve been taught, onwards and upwards, we’ll continue on with our week’s worth of life’s simple pleasures, maybe a more thoughtful version…


For one, I’m going with a toothbrush that does a good job, seeing as we spend approximately 38.5 days out of our lifetime brushing our teeth using over 150 toothbrushes in that period. Along that healthy line, for number two I’d say feminine products. Why? Cause they come in handy, do the job they were created for, and 100 years ago women had to use, well, we can all imagine what little there was on offer! My third handy bathroom fixture is a box of band-aids in the medicine cabinet, great invention, easy to use, and slapping one on generally makes life better.

Number four: #ParisLove on Twitter – a simple way for Parisiens to see how much the world loves them and their city.

Five: Favourite French-inspired films:

  • Sabrina – both versions, 1954 & 1995
  • French Kiss
  • Amelie
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Sex & The City, Season 6, episodes 19 & 20 “An American Girl in Paris”

Six: My dad’s old Wrangler jean jacket that fits me just great, thanks. It’s a simple design, been around since the early 1900s and mine loves a trip to the ocean.

Seven: A sun visor immediately makes running a more enjoyable experience without the sun or rain interfering in a girl’s stride.

Eight: Reusable grocery bags ’cause using plastic pollutes the earth and mucks up the oceans.

Nine: A great black and white film like Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn & Gregory Peck that reminds us how much fun a day can be, especially if gelato is involved.

Ten: Chamomile tea to end the day on a soothing note.

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