A Sublime Redo

After being around for one year we thought we’d share our favourite posts from the previous year with you. And I choose one from September with ‘sublime’ in its title…

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Last week on Thursday, there was a moment during my morning run where I thought, “This is why I love running.” What brought about that good thought, you wonder? Well, let’s just say it was a string of street long, strong strides and the awareness of them that made the run worth remembering. We’ve all had those days, where most things go well, and the day slides together like a well-made puzzle.


The day starts off like any other, hitting the snooze button, getting up, meditating, drinking hot lemon water, doing some editing & splicing, using the facilities – then, it’s gear on, takkies tied, ipod in, bye kitkat, and I’m out the door taking in my surroundings. And I’m happy and a bit nervous ’cause I want this run to go well, but I can never predict the outcome. This day feels different, not so many cars on the road – making it easy to jayjog across. A few houses up a couple dudes doing lawn work quit their leaf-blowers just before I run by and we all smile. Don’t worry, I won’t give you a running commentary, let’s just say, I hit my stride.


I love my morning runs because they make me more present in my day, I’m forced to notice my surroundings better so as to not be run over, and it’s good to share the sidewalk with prams and walking couples. When I hit the halfway mark I feel a sense of accomplishment, I love the feel of muscles being well used. The sun and wind combine to create the perfect temperature, and I can feel my Vitamin D level rising. When I’m finished and walking through the park I catalogue my run, and realize it was sublime, not because I was bathed in golden light and had winged feet like Hermes, it was because I kept positive thoughts paramount, and oh yeah, some sweet tunes helped out. So for me, it’s all about loving to run, and remembering that even on days when more than a few puzzle pieces are missing – gotta hit that asphalt and smile.

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