Sale’s On – No More Clutter

sale_oceanI told my boyfriend after our first and last garage sale, ‘no more buying rubbish.’ I love clearing up closets and making piles of unwanted belongings for Salvation Army or the rubbish bin.

This time around though we were clearing out stuff that we had bought together and were keeping for ‘in cases’. In case one of the boys wanted our old dishes, books, linens, tents or in case we need –fill in the blank– somewhere in the unforeseen future. hawaii_changeWell, enough! We blasted through and chucked out and sold and gave away. We cleared up our storage closets and the garage, and I like the empty space, and I’d like it to stay empty space. And so I said no more buying rubbish.

I tell my boyfriend that he comes from hoarding genes and so we will fight the genetic predisposition to accumulate. Moving often we’ve learned to not be too attached. Not to people, places or things. Now we love our things, our friends, our home, and I dearly love Hawaii, but change is coming and I need to make room.


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