Our Last First from Hawaii

Me and my family are moving to the East Coast at the end of this year. I’m clearing out my home of accumulated clutter and nonessentials. I have a long to-do list that I check and fret over what seems all day long, and it keeps me up at night. A quote I came across, ‘luck favors the prepared mind’ trips through my skull and shakes again and again my loose grip on equanimity.


This move, while not a first for me, has knocked me over into the pool of anxiety and uncertainty. It feels like a big first. Hawaii is home. I haven’t felt this way about any other place on continental United States. I am trying to stay in a place of gratitude instead of resentment. And hoping that being prepared will help with a feeling of optimism about moving from my slice of paradise to what I’ve been informed is a very diverse, fun, interesting place to live.


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