Being Angry Versus Being Calm

Anger is not my favorite subject to try to give advice on, and that’s an understatement. I’m no expert on dealing with angry people. My default reaction is to get the Hell out of their range, don’t engage or challenge, and do everything possible to avoid the slightest confrontation. So, those are my best tips for dealing with angry people.

I try to think of myself as a happy, positive person, not someone prone to angry outbursts. Nope, don’t need/want any flaming anger management advice. But, wait, what about those times when I get riled-up, which happens when I’m facing looming responsibilities, dealing with people, feeling rushed, making goof-ups, unmet expectations — oops, the list seems almost endless. Suddenly and almost inexplicably, anger manifests itself in a reaction that’s hard to defuse and so unhealthy.


To stifle such a reaction, I need to remember to take deep cleansing breaths, take a long soothing drink of water, and get myself to the gym ASAP. The triumvirate of tranquility — air, water, and exercise — acts as a powerful deterrent to my anger.

That about wraps it up as far as what I have to say about anger/being angry. I’m a little ticked-off that I can’t think of any clever close-out phraseology for you. So, to avoid getting angry, I think I’d better just follow my instinct to walk away from the keyboard.

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