Superhero Vixen: Catwoman

When I received this assignment, I thought of a few female superheroes, but the one I wanted to describe was CATWOMAN.

Scaredy-CatsNow, why would I, of all people, choose a female superhero in the form of a cat? I, who am so allergic? Don’t those creatures make me break out in a horrible rash? Yep, but I continue to draw them, pet and scratch them—and even have been known to attract the neighbour’s cat and entice others to play. All the people in my family have cats as pets, but not me: I have my relationship with cats on the sly.

Speaking of Catwoman, unfortunately the film that springs to mind was the one starring Halle Berry—which, alas, has been included in the list of the 50 worst movies of all time, whose “stench of the litter pan is all over this 90 minute disaster”.

catwoman_posterHowever, as far as cat-like qualities, and that’s what I’m aiming for here, I was treated to some great snarling, hissing, leaping and pouncing moves. What really engaged me was the whole transformation story of the main character, Patience – into Catwoman. Patience was timid, shy, just bumbling around in her job. After the transformation she is quick-witted, fast, knows her own mind—gets a brand new hair do and outfit to match—no longer the shy retiring type. She’s got extraordinary powers and isn’t too timid to use them, and as far as the job working for the bad guys? They are history.

Oh, and there is another aspect of the movie that I’ve not alluded to: Patience, and then Catwoman, gets the attention of a detective. Their relationship becomes amorous (purrr), but in the end Catwoman walks away, aloof, strong and independent. Nothing wrong with being strong and independent, right?

hissing_catOther cat-like moves that can be emulated, not just from scenes in the movie, but in real-life – things that I’d like to have: changing from shy and in the background to bold when the need, and mood arises. Bonus: having quick reflexes, being stealthy, sleek, powerful, dangerous, always landing on my feet—ready for action.

All those moves of strength, agility, and flexibility, mixed when necessary with hissing, growling and snarling—and a bit of purring on the side—all help a girl adapt to today’s challenges.

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