Let’s Load Up On Fruit & Veg

Are your grocery stores groaning under the weight of all the spring fruit and vegetables on display? Are the choices and colors inclining you to fill your shopping cart with the freshest produce? Are your rabbit-habits taking over? That’s what we’re sharing this week, our favorite fruits and veggies of Spring, and where we like to source our healthy fixes.

For the past couple weekends I’ve been helping set-up barbecues, plating foods, delivering drinks while volunteering at my local VA hospital – and we’re always offered a plate to chow down, and I keep having to say,  ‘no thanks, I don’t eat meat or dairy.’ It makes me feel a mite churlish to refuse, but what’s a girl to do? It’s a relatively new thing, this no meat or dairy restriction, and I’m not going to go into why I’m doing it, but I feel happier without those two food groups in my shopping cart.


Instead, when I reach the checkout I’m piling Granny Smith apples, baby carrots, spinach, mangoes, colorful peppers, bananas, green onions, peas, corn, zucchini and lots of peanut butter onto the belt, hello Cashier Peep. At home I enjoy cutting up orange, yellow and red peppers, no green ones please, and always raw – they have such a satisfying crunch and color. The best thing about fruit and veggies is that there is no guilt attached to snacking, there’s nothing toxic or potentially life-threatening about a bushel of apples, except the odd worm or two…

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