Is Love to Blame?

Is love mercurial–changing with the rise and fall of the temperature of our inner longings? Where does the heat of passion come from, or the ice of contempt for a former flame? These questions won’t be answered today, not by me at least. I’ll leave it up to the poet, Octavio Paz, to discourse on love and bondage…

“The poets could have said also that love is born of an involuntary attraction that our free will transforms into a voluntary union. Voluntary union is love’s necessary condition, the act that turns bondage into freedom.” —Octavio Paz, The Double Flame


  • Anytime at the beach, alone or accompanied — sand, sun and sea is a love love love combination.
  • Sapphire blue hair — from the moment it’s painted on your vision of the world changes, you grow a little more resilient to the vicissitudes of life, and although I don’t really care what other folks think here’s a good quote from a dude, “She took the blue out of the sky.”
  • Companionable cat — a furry face at the door and miaos of welcome make the heart lighter.
  • Elvis — his music makes me smile, my favorite song is Polk Salad Annie. Love it.
  • White Oak Way — every time I run along it another oak tree blooms in my heart.


This list was harder to make. Try it yourself—think of 5 things you have loved in the past, but no longer hold a torch for. One question remains, will I love it again sometime in the future…

  • Boot cut jeans — all that extra material flap flap flapping.
  • Poetry of my 20s — those poets I used to get a kick out of, their words have become simply ink on a page.
  • Oil painting — smooshing paint around on a canvas no longer holds any charm.
  • Coke Zero — used to be a summertime must have, then a once in awhile treat, now my love for it is cold, ice-cold.
  • Getting Tattoos — very sad that my last experience killed any desire to add to my collection. No more for me the endless buzzing of the needle, no more colour. Talk about coming to a sad realization: my long-held passion has simply vanished.
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