Taking Initiative is a GO

In spite of making ‘to do’ lists for the day or the week, I don’t think I’ve been accomplishing meaningful goals. Part of the problem is that I’ve created a whole lot of busyness to keep myself occupied, with the end result: superficial accomplishments. This week’s TAKE THE INITIATIVE theme is just what I need to evaluate the purpose or motivation behind my projects.


  • From an EMPLOYMENT viewpoint: I’ve used my initiative to interpret instructions and then gone the extra mile to achieve positive results.
  • To enhance my ENVIRONMENT: I’ve taken on the daily challenge of tossing out, tidying up and re-organizing each room to either make it more of a retreat or more functional. Projects in my garden include creating a ‘water wise’ feature of succulents, planting herbs and vegetables, plus adding even more flowers that will attract bees.
  • After letting my creative juices marinate for over a year, I’ve gotten back into the local ART SCENE by breaking out new canvases, joining a gallery and entering different art shows.

I could kick back and take some comfort in completing some fulfilling projects. However, a close analysis reveals that while bringing a short term feeling of success, accomplishing these short term goals hasn’t changed my life in any significant manner. What needs to happen is a big-time, all out assault on my rutty routine.

What’s required is a take-charge, proactive approach: If I’m not satisfied with my employment, then I need to take the initiative to change it. Feeling stifled and frustrated by living conditions? Then get out of the complacent mode and fix them. Having a ho hum result to my re-entry into the art scene? Take some advice from successful artists and charge up the marketing of my artwork. I gotta stop waiting for my bloody fairy godmother to come along and wave her magic wand; it’s hardly her fault that I’ve turned into a pumpkin.

[Img.Src: Woman in Studio, 1966]

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