Thanks for the Present, Mr. Frankl


I thought about this quote a bit in reverse. Get it right this time so I don’t have to come back for a do-over. It’s tough to live in the present when my past mistakes, emotions and fears clog up my mind. Staying in the moment definitely helps me allay my fears, doubts and anger. If I dwell on my anger I’m living in the past and same goes for all host of other negative emotions which I wear in layers and that keep me from having a lush, fruitful life.

When I am more present to the now, I am at peace with myself and that is mirrored back again to my people. I feel like I have gentled this rage and set aside the chokehold which had shortened my breath. When I act out and am loathsome I know that I am actually self harming. I tell myself to pause, be here, don’t lash out, don’t react. Love yourself, you are worthy.

This is constant work. Thank-you for this week’s blog for the reminder to keep at it.

[Img.Src: Viktor Frankl portrait]

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