Numero Dos Gadget Love

I have always loved the ritual of making coffee and then drinking up. As a kid a treat I remember really digging was getting to have coffee on weekend evenings. It was milky, sweet and instant. (anyone from Zimbabwe would be able to recall the instant coffee called Daybreak and the ads for it on t.v.) When we moved to the U.S. I was introduced to percolated coffee- far more adult than the milky sweet instant- and from there the fancy coffee bar creations.


About 10 years ago I stamped my feet and demanded an espresso machine. My spouse and I share making us coffee drinks. Lately we’ve been on a mocha kick- dark unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon, sweetener, almond milk, with a double shot of espresso. Kick back with my husband and enjoy. What a way to begin each morning. It is such a treat. For a quick boost I’ll whip up an espresso with a couple dashes of cinnamon. Slurp slurp. My espresso machine is my favourite bit of equipment.

[Img.Src: Victorian Trading Cards: Franck Coffee, Couple, Standard Java. Circuit Board]

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