Removing Fear

As I have navigated through my life I have found that there have been key moments that have required choices. Tough choices at times. Some people might say that the choice that I made was a brave one. I see it as removing the fear and stepping into the best choice that I could make in that moment.

The reality is fear holds us back. It chokes us. It keeps us from being our best self. When fear is present our focus on possibilities narrows and our behavior shifts negatively.

It is when I am able to see the bright side of any situation, I am able to bravely move forward. I have done this time and time again, with work, with selling my home, and with sharing my stories. Not the fluffy, happy stories, but the really deep meaningful ones. It is those stories that enable me to leave the fear behind and step into the light. And there is always light.

[Img.Src: Contemplation, 1910.]

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