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The Love of Friends & Neighbors

Ms. Bockle: I had brave words earlier this week for my ability to adapt to disappointments and change. Is it because I’m growing old gracefully–taking on the mantle of ‘little old lady’ with aplomb? Or maybe all the adages, proverbs and endless quotes of the day have finally penetrated into the nether regions of my noggin?

Naaah. It’s actually much to do with the comfort and security I’ve come to enjoy from my family and friends. You probably know of that really awful movie, Titanic, right? There’s a totally soppy scene at the end where one of the main characters recalls all the people from her past, all circled round her in a grand ballroom, as she gets engulfed by the waves.

Not that the changes in my life are quite that dramatic, but the calling to my mind of the support and love from family and friends near and far enables me to face all sorts of daunting day to day challenges.

I am not an island, alone, surrounded by stormy seas. I’d not be able to handle this life without the overwhelming support I have from the people I love.

Gaining More Muscle in 2016

LaFitterina: A little introspection can lead to big inspiration, and this week we’ve been assessing recent changes in ourselves. What’s changed for me in 2016 is that I’ve amped-up the intensity of my workouts. This all started with my New Year’s Post in which I resolved to gain more muscle.


Changes include:

  • Started doing more back-to-back classes — something I used to do years ago. I’ve even been able to make myself do 3 classes back-to-back on more than one occasion.
  • Stopped skipping the gym on Thursdays.
  • On Mondays, instead of a leisurely Pilates class, I make myself endure a crazy-good Interval/Circuit class — the instructor constantly challenges us with an inventive variety of exercises.
  • On Fridays, I’m working with a Personal Trainer in the weight-room.

So far, my body hasn’t complained too vehemently. I feel invigorated and proud of myself, albeit a tad exhausted after some of the more grueling gym sessions. Yeah, it’s nap time!

Thanks Again, Mr. James

Mizzfit: Yes, Mr. James is having a redo. Took his good words out of storage and read them again for inspiration. Hurrah for choosing what thoughts to focus on, and change for the better. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Cheers to a fun weekend with friends and family. X’s and O’s.


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