Starting 2016 Off Right

After a long Holiday break from any blogging responsibilities, I’m bursting with readiness to do some motivational writing! I’ve missed having assignments and deadlines for my MoveGirlGO blogposts, and really missed my daily fix of reading what my co-contributors were saying. I look forward to getting back into my so-called normal routine.

To start the year right, I had a body composition scan performed via a contraption at my Club.


The results told me what I need to do in 2016: Gain 7 pounds of muscle. What?! Yikes, that’s a lot of muscle. I wasn’t able to envision what I would look like with that amount of muscle replacing my fat, but this visual was a little bit helpful.


I’m unsure what will be required to get so much more muscular, except obviously I will have to get totally serious about weight lifting. I’m excited to get an actual plan put together, and when I do figure it out, of course I’ll blog about it. And keep you informed of the results. So, there’s some new territory ahead in my 2016 fitness quest.

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