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What does it take you get you moving?  Pondering this topic for the MoveGirlGO launch made me think of 3 things that motivate me to work-out everyday (well, almost).

For me, group exercise and fitness are practically synonymous. As an exercise novice decades ago, I went to my first Jazzercise class and loved it so much that I stayed for a 2nd hour. I like having that expert teacher in front of the class telling me what to do, whilst also showing me and (in the case of the best teachers) correcting me. Knowing this, I don’t even try to make myself go swimming, walking, hiking.  I structure most days around my favorite classes at the Club.

I like to keep track of my body metrics — weight, exercise hours, steps, sleep, etc.   I record my daily work-outs (what & how long) and I add-up the total hours at the end of each week.  Also, I use a Fitbit pedometer/fitness & sleep tracker, which links to the computer.

I’m a bit competitive, with others and within myself.  After finding friends on I found myself increasing the number of daily steps so I could be at the top of the list.  My license plate says Very Fit, and I feel driven (pun intended) to keep up that image.

But what if you never liked school, can’t stand dealing with numbers, and don’t have a competitive bone in your body?  Then, what works to get me moving will not necessarily work for you. But, just thinking about motivators (and also what deep-seated traits they might come from) has been a useful exercise for me, and I recommend it!

Let’s aim for a community dialogue in which we can help each other — none of us has all the answers, but if we work together, we can MoveGirlGO !  If this resonates with you, don’t hesitate to make comments.  Our mutual success depends on your feedback and input — together, we can learn from each other and keep moving forward!

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