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If Your Headed For Some Trails This Weekend…

Mizzfit: Found this in a book about a man and his schnauzer hiking New Hampshire 4000+ft peaks. (PS- say “schnauzer” many times, it’s a good replacement expletive!):


The Less Cool Side of Summer

Ms. Bockle: The perspiration just isn’t stopping around here, what with the heat in the upper nineties. At 7:30 pm, after stripping off my damp shirt I’m still rather moist.

The mornings are the best times to venture outdoors and inhale the smell of all the wonderful dew-soaked grasses. Yep, one of these days I’ll go out at 7am and take advantage—could be a life-changing experience. So what’s stopping me, hmm? –my need for 3 cups of tea, and that whole morning routine. Hopefully by next Friday I’ll have gotten out of my tea rut routine and write from a totally new life-perspective. Okay. Watch this space.


But speaking of heat, I’ve heard some people say that shivering makes you lose weight. Well, I’m not sure if I prefer shivering to sweating; neither one seems very comfortable or user-friendly. I’ve had a physically active day for 6+ hours, with sweat pouring out of every pore, trying to get stuff done in less time, not stopping for computer breaks, choking down lunch, watching the time, adding up all that needs to be done, up stairs and down stairs and time to brush the kitties…all in a house that says it’s 86 degrees.


You know what’s great about being human? We’re resilient—like red rubber balls, keeping on bouncing along, soaring over one hurdle after another, knowing that when our bounce has blubbed and needs to relax, we know how to get ourselves up, punctures plugged and sally forth. Just give us a moment, hey? It’s patch up time.


Yep, it’s perspiration Friday, and I need to take a shower.

Interview with Ms. Valerie

LaFitterina: I asked my friend Valerie, who’s in her 90’s, to give us some insights. For your weekend inspiration, here’s our brief interview:

What gets you moving?
coffeeinbedWhen I first wake up, I feel even older than I am. I first give my cat his thyroid pill as I take mine, then take coffee back to bed. When the cup is empty I feel years younger and only then can I face the world.


Do you have some words of advice for people who want to keep healthy?
muppetbrushingteethAlways eat vegetables like your mom told you. Also, never brush your teeth in the shower because the shower head is one of the most contaminated things in your home. It never dries out, so bacteria thrives in conditions like that and can make you sick!

Do you have a favorite quote?
My memory isn’t all that great about remembering quotations, but one that I do like goes something like this: “The older the violin, the sweeter the music.”

Gotta Try Terry Crews Euro-Training!

St. Swartz:


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