Changing A Good Habit to an Even Better One

I love routines. I have been going to cycle classes for years, out of habit or routine. I like some cycle classes more than others, but I go mainly out of habit. This could be seen as a good thing, since cycle class keeps me in shape and the endorphins up.

However, I was reminded this week that there are other options. I met a couple of co-workers at a club for a dance class and had the best time on Tuesday. It was a traditional class, where the instructor taught full 8 count choreography, that was eventually pulled together into a routine. I really had fun, while getting my heart rate up. I was even a little sore the next day.

As I reflected back, I believe the last time I took a dance class it had been about 25 years. I used to love traditional aerobics classes and dance classes. It is fun to relive those options that I used to love so much. It was also great to see how I could still do it while having a smile on my face. I am looking forward to my next class!

[Img.Src: Jack Keating Dance Studio, 1934.]

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