Rejuvenation is Key

I’ve been feeling physically fatigued, finding myself moving like a geriatric because my legs feel like they’re made of lead and my back aches. Is my body no longer able to absorb the workouts I’m throwing at it? Well, no, upon reflection, it dawned on me that I’ve been working out harder and longer these days. Not only because I’ve been trying to set a good example to our MoveGirlGO readers (which of course I am). Actually, it’s more because our recent extended heat wave forced me to seek relief by going to the cool air-conditioned gym — I spent hours and hours there during the hottest part of each and every day — taking classes, walking on the treadmill, using the Pilates equipment, working my abs, stretching, and so on. So, mystery solved, and no visit to the Doc required just now.

When feeling run-down, pooped, exhausted, spent, and generally achy throughout, here are some possible explanations:

  • Physical fatigue — performing even simple chores like walking is daunting — due to overworked and sore muscles
  • Mental fatigue — unable to think quickly and clearly — due to overtaxing the brain
  • Sleepy — disabled both physically and mentally — due to late-late-night TV watching or insomnia
  • Flu (or, Hangover)


Whatever is going on, rejuvenation is key, and my remedy is always good old-fashioned sleep and lots of it. Hibernating in bed for a few days cures most anything, I’ve found. Feels good, costs nothing, and does the trick. That’s my recovery plan.

[Img.Src: Sleeping in Hammocks]

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