Finding My Way to Exercise Bliss

Since I enjoy the whole process of moving: Yoga, lifting weights, walking to town or on trails, using devices at the gym: treadmill, bike, elliptical; afterwards experiencing a zest for life, a boost in self-confidence and all good positive feelings–one would rightfully inquire: WHY DON’T YOU GET CONSISTENT WITH YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINES??

Stop shouting and I’ll tell you. It’s not so much lethargy, but the vagaries of my schedule, resulting in dried up joints, a painful back, and grumpy knees. If I got up any earlier to exercise, it would have to be around 4:30AM–and THAT is not going to happen.


And I know and appreciate exercise because I’ve experienced joints getting lubricated when they get flexed.

Yoga moves give me great flexibility, a greater sense of balance and loss of pain in my various joints.

Weight lifting increases bone mass and makes me feel ever so strong: I never need help taking my groceries out to the car and get to surprise people by my ability to lift objects. I may look old and feeble, but I am NOT.

My bliss after a workout can last a couple days. But then if I neglect to do any exercise for a few days or even an entire week, the results are predictably abysmal. Back to the beginning, starting at the bottom of the mountain and slogging up to the top, metaphorically speaking of course.

This week I walked around in circles, back and forth, up and down with the running of errands, setting up art work stations for 6 different classes. Good to keep moving and not have a sedentary day, but because of the lack of regular exercise, yeesh I am sore from the bottoms of my feet and up to my back. At least tomorrow my schedule is such that I can get some yoga in at the very beginning of the day–and I’m confident that it will make a lovely difference to how I’m moving at the end of the day.

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