Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Excuses Are Like…

LaFitterina: Excuses for skipping a workout fall into 3 categories. First, there are the Legitimate excuses like the flu, back spasms, Mom needs help, dead car battery (yes, I’ve used all of these).

Then there is the category of Utterly Crazy excuses for not working out, such as these:

  • I had a massage yesterday, and I don’t want to mess that up.
  • I don’t have any workout clothes to match my mood.
  • I can’t sweat because the heat makes my eyelash extensions fall off.
  • I’m going to an awesome party and don’t want to be sore because I plan to do a lot of dancing.
  • My appetite goes up after I exercise, so I need to take a break so I’ll eat less.

Finally, there’s the category of Poor/Lame excuses, but we like to tell ourselves they are legitimate — Avoid these and say: “NO MORE EXCUSES!”

  • It’s too hard
  • I’m too tired.
  • I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • My body sucks.
  • I can’t go to the gym until I get in shape. (Don’t let muffin top, bloated tummy, wobbly thighs, etc., become excuses!)
Thanks again, Mr. Rilke

Mizzfit: Thank goodness for smart folks who know just how to put into words what it is we’re all thinking.


Zest, Vigor & Love

Ms. Bockle: What struck me about Queen performing One Vision was the passion, especially of Freddie Mercury–full of zest and vigor and not too worried about getting his teeth straightened. The beat, the rhythm, the moves, the harmony, the workings of the guitars, the crowd, and of course Freddie just going all over the place. He’s fully embracing the song, its message and having an impact on all who choose to listen. Nothing distracts him from the song or its message. He believes/I believe.

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