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Let’s Try Battle Ropes

LaFitterina: Earlier this week, I mentioned a new exercise that I’m starting to do at my gym, called Battle Ropes. To give you an idea, I found a photo montage of what you can do with these heavy ropes:


My initial experience was when I dared another woman to try them with me, and we stood side-by-side, each holding one of the ropes in both hands, arcing the rope up and down, slamming it to the ground. The movement is repeated (until you run out of steam), and the rope moves in a rippling wave, making a loud banging sound when it hits the floor (providing some super-gratifying feedback).

For more about Battle Ropes, here’s a link to a super article, in which the author enthuses: “Although sometimes difficult and unforgiving, they are a tool that allows for multiple uses throughout the workout and can really add much-needed variety to a dull, repetitive workout plan, as well as being a great way to burn calories.”

I’m aiming to make myself do some of the above-pictured variations at least once a week.

A Remix on New Year’s Resolutions

Ms. Bockle:

Keeping the Locks in Line

Mizzfit: On my Tuesday run, right at the end, I saw a woman walking two gray standard poodles – and boy were they coiffed. My immediate thought: Those dogs are better groomed than I am, sheesh. Once home I promptly called the salon for an appointment. Inspiration to take care of ourselves comes from many sources! Cheers, and may you also have a great hairdo for the weekend.


[Img.Src: Dogs Dogs Dogs, 1919]

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