Fun is Just Around the Corner

Here we are in another week, with May slip slip slipping out the door and June edging her way in. These past few weeks we’ve covered stress and the pressures of self-control and outside influences like the media — so, for this week that’s on the cusp, we’re going for fun: as in, where to find it and how much is enough?

One of the main problems of being an adult is the lack of fun. Why is it that we’ve made modern life so damned tricky? Ach, don’t be such a downer, right? Sure there’s war, pestilence, famine, Trump, poverty, climate change and last season’s fall fashions — but there’s also love, patience, compassion, empathy and kindness. Why, you may ask, am I listing feelings after such a harsh list of life events? Because it’s tough to come up with actual events that offset those harsh realities. Oftentimes it’s the kindness and love from strangers, family and friends that get us through those tough times.


But I digress. Fun. And how to get some. For this new month let’s make our lives big with many fun minor events.

1.) Sleep in the nude.
2.) Visit the nearest body of water. Nature is fun, just remember bug spray and a compass.
3.) Walk the dog/s, find a dog-walking friend.
4.) Volunteer, and have your eyes opened.
5.) Yoga, cause it’s fun to bend.
6.) Use coconut oil to clean your teeth.
7.) Go swimming at the local YMCA.
8.) Dance to some funky music.
9.) Read poetry.
10.) Do some art journalling.

[Img.Src: A day at the Aussie races, 1940]

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