Expanding My Motivation

One of my determinations for 2017 is to approach exercising and workouts with a new and improved attitude. So, looking back at last month, I can happily say that January was filled with zinging and zangful moments. An additional self-made challenge has been to add new adventures and experiences to my life, and sometimes those go hand in hand with getting my mind and body moving, absorbing and exploring. I’m committed to getting out of my comfort zone and pushing out the walls that have been a source of security. My cramped up circle is going to be expanding this year.

That’s all good for new places to venture into for added zest and bounce to my life, but what about the numerous solo routines of yoga and free weights in my living room? How do I get excited and motivated to keep those workouts from becoming ho-hum? Keep them consistent and invigorating? How do I push my limits without the company of huffing and puffing comrades and an inspiriting instructor? For one thing, I can happily report that l feel ever so much better, and can walk–and sometimes strut–longer distances than I did at the end of last year.

Additionally, while I’m going going through the various stretches, I reflect on the people I know and love who are also attempting to live their lives to the fullest, and send positive thoughts of love and strength their way. I may be solo, but I’m still experiencing strong connections that fill us all with vitality.

[Img.Src: Mt. Monadnock, 1880s]

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