Today, The Eyes Have It

When I saw the theme for this week’s posts, I went through my body parts from head to toe. Even used that old children’s exercise song: ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’. And sorry for this, but kept on coming up with reasons why such and such a part wasn’t my favourite. The rationale of rejection was based on the observance of dilapidation—some through lack of use, some from overuse, some because of normal wear and tear.


Now I’m hoping that my choice can be categorized as body parts. Not legs, arms or toes, but certainly ones that move around constantly. This week I’m paying special attention to my eyes. I’ve always liked their colour and size—and have been adding this and that around them to enhance them a bit more. One does that if one has red eyelids and translucent eyelashes.

But going beyond the superficial ‘look’ of the eye, I’m appreciating what eye sight brings into my world. In fact, I’m trying to use my sight more and more, to see more colour, be more observant of the patterns and textures in nature—trying to discover and recognize beauty in unexpected places.

I referred to colour earlier on, but let’s take a look at that aspect alone—whether it’s fashion, furniture, houses, flowers, trees, a sunrise, the ocean, birds, snakes, fish, mammals, reptiles or insects—the use of colour is riotous. Splashed around by people or a creation of nature—we are surrounded by a never-ending supply of layer upon layer of colour. Colour can be subdued, evoke sadness, joy, anger or peace. Even black on grey and white provides sheer entertaininment. My eyes help me to celebrate colour everywhere I turn.


I’m not going to take the health of my eyes for granted. Lord knows they’ve had their fair share of drama—from eczema to a pterygium to blepharitis. Yep, these eyes have something in common with most of the rest of my body parts—they squeak—and I’ve got to give them the attention they demand. They deserve to be looked after.

And here are a smattering of proverbs about eyes—from Germany, Japan, Africa and Northern American Tribes:


[Img.Src: eye chart, Helen Richey]

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