Does Control Remain Elusive?

What do you think is the number one thing that most people try and control in their lives? Is it their diet, beauty routine, fashion style, attitude, offspring, work output, commute route, exercise, house cleanliness?? Judging by what’s on sale at grocery and drug stores, I’m gonna go with beauty routine – all that shelf space for what amounts to less than an hour of our lives everyday. This week we’ll be sharing what we feel most pressured to control, and what it feels like to be in control of life, or not.


Lately I’ve found myself thinking that if I get my place in order, with everything I own arranged just so, I’ll feel better. Alas, control over my environment remains elusive as papers multiply on my workspace, projects pile up in corners, and displays remain static over the months. I feel pressured to make the space reflect some of my personality: is this a true representation of what I’m passionate about? However, when I do tweakings to displays or artwork, and the changes resonate, for a mere moment I am in control of my universe, and it feels good.

My second largest area where I’ve had to ratchet-up control is over my wardrobe. For my volunteering at the VA and CORA, I have to dress in business casual, which I Googled as I had no idea what that meant. Turns out I needed to beef up my wardrobe and alter my style to present a competent and compassionate attitude, who knew, right? So, it’s been a confusing time as I try and control wayward hair and tattoo visibility. It’s made me think a lot about how our style is perceived and judged by others. As if by controlling what we put on in the morning, we’ve made the ultimate choice in who we want to be that day.

[Img.Src: American Living Room 1905]

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