Do We Get Excited, or Not?

It’s generally known that a little bit of excitement is good for the soul. Rev up the heart, crank up the blood pressure, keep the breathing shallow – and hey presto, a new state of mind. It’s also true, sadly enough, that adults don’t enter the state of excitement as often as they should. So, this week we are delving into what makes us excited, do we search out the feeling, or are we excite-less…

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be drawing a blank when it comes to making a list of things that get my heart racing. I do get excited about finding a book that promises to be an extraordinary read, but that’s pretty rare. I also feel pretty peppy when I have a new running route, oh the possibilities – but again, that seldom happens as I’ve run all the roads ’round here.


What I have found to be true about excitement is that it toes a fine line, as it can sometimes morph into anxiety, which isn’t fun at all.  This Saturday I went bowling with a few veterans in a seaside town as part of my volunteering gig. Excited to try new things // Nervous to try new things. As it turns out I’m not a terrific bowler, but that was okay. What was fun? Being with my peeps, seeing their smiling faces after a good bowl, wearing those very odd bowling shoes, the buzz and excitement of many kids chucking balls down the lane every which way – they don’t hold back.

I figure we have to wake up to our own level of excitement, low medium or high. Maybe I’ve always been more of a worrier, so I have to work harder at letting go of anxiety and opening up to getting excited. I’ll take any chance to force anxiousness out the door – and let a little excitement in through the window.

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