A Gift of Positive Advice

Sometimes it feels like the world is full of people who simply cannot wait to give advice on any size problem – folks are always pretending to know just how to fix a girl’s sticky-life-situations. So, this week we’ll be sharing the best advice we’ve ever been given, and whether or not it did the trick.

When I was thinking of blast from the past advice one clear incident came to mind – while I was mulling over the idea of joining the Air Force I told my Dad about my plans, and he was so enthusiastic about every aspect of the idea. It’s nice to get a boost of positive reinforcement like that, no bringing up cons, he simply reiterated all the good points of joining the military, and made me feel more secure in the direction I wanted my life to go. The only advice he gave was to go for it whole-hearted and, oddly enough, to learn how to drive as many military vehicles as possible.


Too often when considering tough life choices we are inundated with bad advice sold as good, and cautionary tales that warn of what happens when making the wrong decision. All that advice can lead to confusion, indecision and, possibly worst of all, the abandonment of our plans. So, it’s nice to have someone in your corner who continuously blasts positivity, no holds barred – we just have to remember to return the favor.

[Img.Src: WW2 Recruiting Poster]

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