Where’s My Running Spark?

Here we are 138 days into 2015 and sometimes it feels like I haven’t made any improvement in my running since this year began! I guess that’s what happens when I let my mood dictate how often I run, and let’s just say that in April the bad outweighed the good. I needed some fresh inspiration to restart my running engine as my love for the activity had fallen so low we were running on fumes… So, where does one go to refuel and refresh a tired out chick?


Well, first she has to be sick of doing nothing, she has to be ready for a change, and this chick was both of those. I went to the library and browsed the running shelf and found Chris Cooper’s book, ‘Long May You Run: all.things.running’ which has many running factoids that’ll make anyone thankful they can run a few miles. It’s good to get an intense burst of reading about the sport you love, as it’ll remind you about why you lace up your takkies early in the morning or late in the evening. The information will refocus your attention and recharge those parts of the brain that control moods – swinging you back into a more positive frame of mind. At least that’s how it works around these here parts of the earth!

Getting back to my March mileage is on the agenda, and I’ve found myself enjoying running these past couple of weeks – maybe an absence of running makes the heart fonder of it when we get back into gear…

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