A Need for Water Adventures

The water connection is quite intense with us humans, with the whole universe being intrinsically linked by the need of this precious commodity for our very survival. Yet, the need for water to quench our thirst, launder and grow crops doesn’t end with the mere satisfaction of basic needs.

It’s quite marvelous how many sports have spouted from water: surfing, canoeing, sailing, cruising, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing, water polo, swimming, diving, boogie boarding, etc. As a swim team coach, I spent endless hours near bodies of water, forcing many bodies to dive, kick, somersault and swim to the edge—always loving the splashings of water on and all around me.


When learning of this week’s watery theme, I started thinking of all the various bodies of water I’ve visited while in the pursuit of fun and frolic, and wondered which of the many venues would stand out amongst them all: sailing on the San Francisco Bay, canoeing down the Buffalo River in Arkansas, seeing hippos poop on the banks of Lake Kariba, getting knocked down by the waves of the Indian Ocean in South Africa, snorkeling amongst turtles and getting stung by jelly fish in Hawaii, floating off the coast of Sicily or Mexico, walking along piers of Santa Monica and Santa Cruz, beach combing on Pomponio, paddle boating near an island of Mozambique, catching sunsets and communing with birds in Morro Bay, hearing and smelling the seals of Point Lobos, feeding Koi fish in a friend’s pond, getting drenched in the ‘rain forest’ of Victoria Falls…

While all these are great memories that bring smiles of satisfaction, my best memory is the place that offers up balmy temperatures in and out of the water, while giving immense pleasure in being immersed in tropical turquoise liquid beauty. Where can you go with the guarantee that you will be enveloped, comforted, buoyed up and endlessly massaged but by the waters of Hawaii?

[Img.Src: Hawaii 1973]

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