Jump-Start Summer Creativity

Usually I skip the Summer Session of my ceramics class, and instead work on my own. Last Summer I did a lot of slip-casting and altering the result into something unique (carved pyramids, embellished mugs and vases), plus I also made plaques, fish dishes, and spindly-legged stands, among other things.

But this Summer I’ve been devoid of new, fun ideas.

To jump-start my creativity, I decided I should pursue ceramic sculpting (which I’ve been meaning to do for years now), and signed up for a class in San Francisco. For inspiration, I looked through the book 500 Figures in Clay, and was captivated by Andi Silver’s La Belle Dame Sans Merci #4.


After the first week, this is what I’ve got so far — it still needs to be fired, sanded, oxide and glazes applied, and fired again.


And, to keep up the momentum, I’ve registered for an August ceramics class at the Palo Alto Art Center.

It looks like, in spite of a sluggish start, this Summer may yet turn out to be full of creative accomplishments.

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