Love Through the Ages


1.)  If anybody could be a zealous seamstress, that would be me at 15, churning out a new skirt or dress every week—since my mother (unwittingly) agreed to buy the fabric. I loved wools, plaids and textures; all my winter clothes were fully lined.

2.) Connected to #1: I loved taking the bus every Saturday afternoon, (when I wasn’t sewing) to head to downtown Oakland. I hit all the department stores, New York Fabrics and shoe shops. I was quite the matchy-matchy fashionista. Or so I thought. Those teen-aged years are filled with fanciful delusions, right?

3.) Spending hours on end talking on the phone—even though I wasn’t amongst privileged girls who had their own ‘princess’ extension. Our phone was in the pantry—just enough privacy for me…unless a parent opened the door to get a can of something for dinner.

4.) Singing alto, I loved harmonizing while singing hymns in church.

5.) Sunbathing (?!) Not that I could spend hours sweating in the hot sun, but I did make the attempt to slather on the baby oil. Also, when I lived in the college dorm with an accessible rooftop, come spring the girls—some clad only in underwear—would clamber up there to bake in between classes. Maybe part of the reason for its popularity was based on the rumor that the adjacent building had the same sort of accessible roof top and boys would go up there with their binoculars.


1.) ART — in its many forms, producing my own and viewing others—through museums, galleries, books and magazines.

2.) GARDENING — planting seeds, seedlings, annuals and perennials, weeding, hoeing, watering (every two days), planning new formations, harvesting herbs, pruning, and hacking out the ivy. Just discovered the other day that freshly cut weeds smell just like freshly mown grass. Who knew?

3.) PHOTOGRAPHY — I love taking hundreds of shots of places I visit—to jog my memory, or to inspire a new art project.

4.) NATURE — oceans, rivers, lakes, trees, mountains, streams, flowers, waterfalls, sunrises, forests, flowers, trees, insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, trees, sunsets, rock formations, ferns, flowers, gardens, herbs, clouds, trees. Good thing I’ve got a camera, or I’d repeat myself.

5.) EVENING’S ENTERTAINMENT — I love that couple of hours in the evening to be able to do whatever, whether it be to read a book or watch a dvd; time to chill out.

[Img.Src: Singer ad, 1880 Woman with camera]

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