Positive Environment How-To 101

dr_mizzfitI wouldn’t consider myself an expert on positive thinking. There’s no way I could set out a Dr. Mizzfit know-it-all shingle (but maybe I’ll just try right here, hmmm), but I do know what works to set me off in the right direction. Creating a positive environment is known to help us succeed in meeting goals and fostering new ideas. It’s not about distractions; it’s about creating an external and internal space that can carry you forward.

green_hillsFirst off, since we all have to nosh at some point, I like to keep fresh and healthy food around, and keep the junk to a minimum. We all know what works best for us, right? Good fuel in = good energy. As for a positive frame of mind, planning adventures and then going on them has been a huge help to me.

To have an excursion to look forward to creates a brighter headspace. And by going out to meet the world with a “welcome-all-possibilities” outlook, minor setbacks won’t crush my lightened spirit.

bright_colourAnd then back at home, does one ever think of housecleaning as positive? Most of the time it’s plain repetitive drudgery, right? So, for our space to function as a positive environment we have to know what level of dust and debris we’re capable of ignoring, or not. I have a high tolerance for it! What might drive you bat-stirring crazy, like clutter, dusty shelves, bunnies nudging my feet, reads as regular to me. What counts is that moment you come home and open the door – you want that “I’m so glad to be home” vibe. Figuring out your cleanliness level and then maintaining it will help with that, I promise.

As for negative nancy influences in life how bout banishing gory TV and films? I don’t know why Hollywood aka Mediocre-wood insists on creating such drivel (talk about repetitive drudgery!), but their focus on the more heinous aspects of human nature is not entertaining. All those ghastly graphic images stay in the brain my peeps, and they don’t lead to anything positive. I’m calling a moratorium on murder and mayhem in my space, more Disney less Dante.

scissorsLastly, I’d say my positive environment is enhanced by my own creations/crafts/handiworks. Putting my brain and hands to work is a guaranteed mood enhancer. Whatever it is you do, DIY projects, art, playing with your kids, writing, or building – it all leads to..… exactly what you want it to – fulfillment.


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