Searching for Gratitude

I had no idea how much I truly needed to focus on gratitude until I did a google search for quotes. Once I went on my gratitude quest, I found people’s philosophies, teachings and pithy sayings by the hundreds.

Just reading about being grateful caused a heavy burden of despondency to lift. In the last couple weeks I’ve become more prone to list all the nasty stuff I’m NOT grateful for; in fact, it’s really hard not to lose focus and start postulating on all the reasons why we are doomed. But wait!!

There is reason for joy, for happiness, for the euphoria that occurs when one counts their blessings. The fight against the natural tendency to be negative continues and must be victorious–especially on this week of THANKSGIVING.

So, I did my google search on gratitude and came up with a host of quotes–many with inspirational illustrations. In fact, I created one of my own and conducted an afternoon art lesson along the lines of gratitude. And got to share with a 4th grader the meaning of epiphany. Life is filled with unexpected blessings.

I could happily share many quotes that grabbed me, but shall leave you with one:


[Img.Src: The Wide & Deep Lagoon Nebula]

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